Why Automation? 

Using our automated system can drastically cut your monthly costs by over 60%. The KM-1 will always please your customers and is ready when you need it. You can even run karaoke on demand on off nights.

How Am I Saving So Much?

The average karaoke host charges from $150-$300 a night. If you are doing 2 shows a week you could be paying well over $2,000 a month. The KM-1 offers the same shows at a fraction of the price. Check out our pricing tiers for more details.

Is This Like Jukebox Karaoke?

No. Jukebox karaoke is terribly inadequate, suffering from small song libraries and insufficient equipment. This forces the performers back to the audience, by viewing lyrics on a jukebox or wall tv. Also, an operator is still needed to call names, call applause, hand out mics and run the show.

Is My House Sound System Good Enough?

The vast majority of venues have more than sufficient tweeter speakers. The missing ingredient is a sub-woofer for bass. We provide you with a compact wirelessly connected sub-woofer to round out your sound.

Is The KM-1 for sale?

The KM-1 is for monthly lease only. Please check our pricing tiers for more information.

Can I Use it In Multiple Locations?

The KM-1 lease is valid for 1 location per lease, discounted leases for multiple locations may be available. Please contact sales for more info

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

Yes. However there is a minimum 4 month term with our leasing agreement with an early termination fee.

Is The Karaoke Music Included?

The KM-1 works exclusively with the Karafun music library. A Karafun Professional account is required for operation. Click the button below for details.

Music Subscription